Friday Fashion Flashback!

Hello Ladies of the 80’s! Here is your fashion report for the summer of ’82 from the pages of the June/July issue of Young Miss magazine.

Swimsuits were very modest back then but they were made fun with stripes in the 80’s bright colors! If you were at the pool or at the beach, you could be active wearing these! The suits with the horizontal and vertical stripes would have been very slimming choice.

Do you know what is in your $100 jar of cream?

So I went to an industry show this past weekend. Now that I’ve gotten some rest and my eyes are no longer blurred from all the shiny objects and my head is not spinning from all the super sales speak, I am taking a look at all that I collected. I picked up this pretty shiny foil sample packet, from a company that wanted to push retail items, and these ingredients caught my eye…This lotion had a total of 14 ingredients and these are the first seven.

Since I have had much sensitivity to product ingredients over my life, I am pretty familiar with some common beauty product ingredients. I also know that there are not many regulations companies have with ingredients. One is they must be list them in the order of concentration; from the highest percentage to the least. So if you buy a jar of Vitamin A cream and it is near the bottom…

So, you all know what the first ingredient is. The second one is a preservative and then of course shea butter is shea butter. It is followed by an emollient, skin conditioner, that also helps boost the anti-microbial properties of the phenoxyethanol. Butylene glycol is a solvent, dissolves another substance into a solution, followed by yet another preservative. Parafidum Liquidum is fancy talk for mineral oil, which is petroleum based. The other seven ingredients are nothing more than emulsifiers, solubilizers, stabilizers and a fragrance; all sold for the price of $99! I’ve seen some these same ingredients on a $4 bottle of drugstore lotion. Things that make you go, “Hmmmm….???” So when your second jar of fancy $200 department store cream hasn’t done anything, wonder no more!

As licensed professional estheticians, we should be well versed in our professional product lines and not fall for these shiny jars of stuff. We can tell you what products are best for your skin so that you will not be wasting time or money. Did you know that I researched my product line for two months and used it myself for three months before I even decided to purchase and use on my clients?

Also, professional estheticians purchase products directly from their product company. Be very wary about purchasing skincare products from “popular online places”. These low priced versions you purchase could be outdated products. Even worse, products that could have been in an non-air conditioned warehouse for days and days. It’s like mamma always says, “You get what you pay for!”