At a young age I was subject to rashes, reactions and sensitivities. Mother would give me oatmeal bathes, administer Benadryl and I would then be sufficiently dotted with Calamine lotion. Oh boy, is that smell forever etched into my brain! Growing up with two brothers, I was never very girly but when I got older and involved with a direct sell company… look out beauty world! I dove deep into all the different products: creams, lotions, colors, oh my!

I learned what were the best “active ingredients” to treat aging and help with anti-aging. I tried them all! After awhile though, I realized that there wasn’t much visible improvement in the skin. The claims that were made were just not there and then to top it off, I started having reactions to these products… Here we go again!

So, I decided to clean up my skin care and my hair care products, searching for brands that used natural and organic ingredients. I weeded through all the marketing lingo. I read product label, after product label. They all started to run together. Again, trying a variety of products, researching ingredients and discovering it hard to find products that produced great results.

Finally, after yet another “rash of rashes” and an appointment with a Dermatologist that prescribed something that left me more inflamed, I had had enough. Suddenly, I had an epiphany (yes, for real!)  to become an esthetician, so I could know how the skin functioned and I would have more knowledge on how to better care for it and help others care for their skin effectively.

When I opened my own place, I wanted my approach to be natural, yet effective, without chemicals or toxins. When I was trying to choose a professional skincare line that was healthy and effective my search lead me to the Osmosis MD Skincare. Osmosis has opened a whole new world for me. This line not only treats your skin effectively, it has Wellness supplements that help you on the inside. Osmosis and Dr. Ben Johnson, it’s creator, have shown me that the skin is a reflection of what is happening on the inside of your body, as well the environment. They combat aging and acne effectively and do no harm.

The journey to becoming an esthetican has been full of twists and turns but well worth it. I have gained insight, knowledge and understanding of skin struggles. It is my mission to give you your dream skin!